18 October 2019

Discontinuation of MyFairs

Thank you for your interest in our app MyFairs, which we developed in 2009.

After ten years, we have decided to discontinue the MyFairs app.

The use of apps is declining, especially for special offers – as responsive websites often make special apps redundant.
It’s the same in our case: All trade fair data, which were available in the app, are now available on our new responsive website.

Use the service on our responsive website

Find your exhibitions – the service at our website auma.de

This service is available in German, French and Spanish as well.

What does this mean for you and your app installation?

The app is no longer available in the stores (iOS and Android).
This does not affect existing installations on smartphones, only the reinstallation becomes impossible.

Existing apps will continue to work. You can continue to use the app, possibly with some limitations. However, there won’t be any further development.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us by email info@auma.de or by phone +49 30 24 00 00.

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