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MyFairs – The Trade Fair Data Manager for your device

The app MyFairs provides you with access to all important data and facts for the prepa­ration of your trade fair participation or your visit.

MyFairs links you to the AUMA trade fair database.

For Locating Trade Fairs Worldwide, Mobile Administration and Personal Planning

Here you will find the trade fairs, addresses and dates relevant to your planning.

You can also store the selected information as favourites on your device and can con­tact organisers and project teams by e-mail or by telephone at any time.

MyFairs is always up to date – right around the clock and right around the world.

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Trade Fair Data

The AUMA trade fair database, a comprehensive compendium of information cov­ering more than 5,000 exhibitions and trade fairs in Germany and in all parts of the world. The data is permanently attended to and is updated daily.

The Trade Fair Database is Grouped According to Areas

  • Germany: exhibitions and trade fairs that take place in Germany
  • Worldwide: exhibitions and trade fairs that take place in Ger­ma­ny and abroad
  • Foreign Trade Fair Programs (in the German version only): trade fairs abroad at which Ger­man exhibitors are supported in the context of foreign trade fair program of the federation or of the federal states

The Following Trade Fair Information is Available:

  • trade fair master data
  • organiser
  • project team
  • statistical details on exhibitors and visitors


MyFairs offers the basic functions Search, Favourites, PIM, Settings and Languages:

Searches according to branches, regions, periods, titles and organisers. For detailed search tips see the chapter on Help.
Storing trade fairs and data in the "favourites" list with the pos­sibil­ity of adding personal remarks and comments.
Trade fair data stored as favourites is automatically updated with every online connection.
Import the data from your search results or favourites into your calendar or contacts. Use the telephone, e-mail or website connection and location information with maps in MyFairs!
After the automatic online update of trade-fair data in the favourites list, integration of the new data in the calendar and in the contact list can be undertaken manually.
Definition of the individual branch-searches as standard searches, and input of one's own company headquarters for the targeted search for foreign trade fair programs of the states.
In the settings of your device select English as language for international applications or German for national applications. With the language option German you will have access to additional information on support programs for German corporations.
Operating system
Android 4.4 or later
iOS 7.0 or later

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